Steve Morris – A True Rubicon Legend

It is with sadness that we give tribute to one of the true Rubicon Legends, Steve Morris. On Saturday, July 27, 2019 at the 67th Jeepers Jamboree in Rubicon Springs, Steve passed on. Steve was a true pioneer of the Rubicon Trail, participating at the beginning of the Jeepers Jamboree with Mark Smith, a partial owner of Rubicon Springs, the first President of Cal4Wheel, a 2019 inductee of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, Rubicon Trail Foundation Rock Award winner and the name behind Morris Rock on Cadillac Hill. Steve had dedicated his life to spreading the message on the beauty of Rubicon Springs and through ownership, making sure the Rubicon Springs is available to everyone. Steve couldn’t have written a better life script passing away at Rubicon Springs after being with his family and so many friends during the event he loved so much. He will be missed and remembered by so many for generations to come. The Rubicon Trail Foundation sends it’s sympathies to Steve’s family.

By Ken Hower Trail News 2 Comments


  • I worked with Steve as a RockRoller at Morris Rock, attended meetings with him, and considered him my friend. At the same time that I am saddened by his passing, I am truly joyful that he had such a great life. I have such tremendous respect for him as a person and his life’s work. Ride on, Steve!

    John Arenz,
  • Steve made the time after his presentation on Saturday to talk and tell me stories about my Grandfather, who he had run the trail with from the beginnings into the seventies. Grandpa passed when I was four, without Steve Morris, I’d have missed all of those stories.

    I still grin at a part of our conversation, “Yeah, I know Harry Arnold, we’re good friends! Haven’t seen him in a while, though…” To which I replied, “Well, he’s been dead for thirty years now, sir.” “Well, that explains it.” was Steve’s reply.

    A legend and a giant, who made time for people. To Rick and his family, my condolences and thank you for sharing him. God Bless.

    Brent Arnold,