Rubicon Trail Foundation has partnered with Jake White at CartoTracks to build an extremely accurate map of the Rubicon Trail and Granite View Loop road that allows you to drive around the Rubicon Trail Foundation property.

In 2021, Rubicon Trail Foundation took Jake around the trail to create the most accurate map of the Rubicon Trail possible.  High grade GPS tracking creates an extremely accurate track to follow on the trail.  In addition to the route, Rubicon Trail Foundation provided all the "named" obstacles on the trail and the locations of El Dorado County reststop (Restrooms) on the trail. If you are a first time visitor, not only is this nice to know the names of obstacles, but also provides an extra level of safety on the trail.  Using Ham Radio communications, now you can accurately provide location information in case of a rig rescue or on-trail emergency.

CartoTrack Map Sample

How do you use CartoTracks?

  • Download the "Avenza Maps" app from the app store
  • Go to to get the map then download into the Avenza Maps app


CartoTracks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does buying CartoTracks support the Rubicon Trail?

A: Yes. RTF has already received $1,000 in support from CartoTracks that we use to directly benefit Rubicon Trail users.


Q: Do I need Cell Service to use CartoTracks?

A: No. There is no cell service on 99% of the Rubicon Trail, so before you leave purchase the map, and install in your Avenza Map app.  When you are on the trail without cell service, your mobile device will still use GPS Satellites for tracking. You just need to have a view of the sky through your windshield.


Q: What does the map show?

A: A small example is above.  You get the tracks of the trail, names where bypasses or alternate routes exist.  In addition, named obstacles and reststops on the trail.


Q: I'm not techie savvy at all, is this easy to do?

A: Here are some step by step instructions for you!


1. On your mobile device, go to the App store (Apple) or Play Store (Google) and search Avenza Maps

2. Go to Map Store and go to the Rubicon Trail

3. Select the option to purchase that makes the most sense for you.

Choices are Annual Subscription

or One Year Only purchase

4. Either Log in with an existing account or Create a New Account.

5. If you create an account, fill out the information as directed.

6. An email will be sent to your account to activate!

7. Check the email you provided for a Verification Link!

8. Your account will be validated. Now login with the information you created.

9. Login!

10. Now that you have an account, go back to the Rubicon Trail map in the store. Click Get Map and the subscription or one-time link to put map into your cart.

11. Enter your payment information and click Purchase.

12. Success! Now let's get the map into Avenza that you did earlier.

13. Open your email on your mobile device and click Open in Avenza Maps on your phone.

14. Avenza will open and the map with automagically and download.