Next Generation of Rubicon Trail Users

It is always a highlight for me when I get to work with kids and get their interpretation of why the Rubicon is important to them.  On August 1-4, the Rubicon Trail Foundation had the pleassure to organize the Jeep Jamboree Camp Rubicon.  Colton Folena was one of the lucky participants that got to attend the Jeep Jamboree Camp Rubicon.  Since his dad, Rusty Folena,  Past President of the Rubicon Trail Foundation, was on cook crew we were in Rubicon Springs early.  Jason Warden, was leaving to go rock roll for the participants that were attending the event.  He just happened to ask Colton if he would like to go rock roll with him. Colton was very excited to be asked and go hang out with the guys.  Off he went. On his return, I asked him if he would mind writing me a small paragraph of why he wanted to go rock roll.

Colton stated, “The reason I agreed to be a rock roller was first for the experience and second, I was there for the weekend to do anything the Jeep Jamboree Crew needed me to do.  As long as I knew that I was doing my part to keep the Rubicon open.  Also, to enlighten kids like myself that we will one day have the responsibility to take care of the Rubicon and to educate the next generation to keep it alive.  I wanted to do anything that was needed, that is why I wanted to go rock roll.”

This was a quick response and he needed no assistance coming up with this statement.

This is why we do what we do for the Rubicon Trail Foundation.

Thank you Colton Folena!

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1 Comment

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