Maps to help you know where the trails are and where you can be. We've given you a few different ways to get a map of the trail.   If you love Google Maps, we have a downloadable map.  The only issue with Google Maps is you can only see it while online.  If you're offline on the trail, we have a couple of options.  Download and print the PDF Map provided.  The final method is the OnX Off-Road app on your phone.  We provide waypoints to import into your account, create an offline map and now you see all the important points on the map.   Want to know how far to the next toilet?  OnX Off-Road is the way to go.  Check our page OnX Off-Road instructions if you need help!

Rubicon Toilet Locations

The above image is the locations of all the toilets on the trail.  If you want to have them on your phone, download the OnX Off-Road App and go to the instructions for OnX to have them with you on the trail.