Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR)

Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) is an informal coalition of groups and individuals dedicated to keeping the Rubicon Trail open and available to all recreationists.


FOTR was created by trail users for the sole purpose of keeping the Rubicon Trail open.

FOTR formed at the end of 2000 when a gate was proposed on the Tahoe side of the trail. Overnight, hundreds of folks were communicating via email about how to mitigate a winter/spring erosion problem with Placer County. FOTR was formed instantly!

"FOTR and the Foundation work hand in hand to keep the Rubicon Trail our icon of four-wheeling." Del Albright 2006

Current Trail Boss

Current Trail Boss:
Shannon Chard
Email: [email protected]

Former Trail Bosses
Del Albright (founder)
Jacqueline “Bebe” Theisen
Jerry Reffner
Eric Agee