Donor Funding

Rubicon Trail Foundation (RTF) has partnered with the El Dorado Community Foundation to create a Donor Fund to preserve charitable giving from our supporters.

We will always put the health of the Rubicon Trail first, above all personal opinions and agendas. We are careful and responsible managers of the donations we receive, our reputation, and the good will of our community. We take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously and are transparent in our communications, interactions, and intentions. We act in good faith and honor our commitments. We will lead with positive intent, and let our mission guide us.

We value the opinions and views of the Rubicon Trail’s users and embrace an open approach in gathering information to inform you of our decisions. We actively seek out partnerships with government agencies to ensure that the Rubicon Trail remains open.

Rubicon Trail Stewardship Fund

The annual proceeds of the Rubicon Trail Stewardship Fund will offer significant financial support to addressing pressing issues facing the Rubicon Trail. Contributors can be as much or as little involved as they want.



This offers you an opportunity to commit above the annual contribution by giving a minimum of $1000 a year. $200 will serve as your expendable contribution with the remaining contribution invested in the Rubicon Trail Foundation Endowment which will build future funding for trail projects.


Caretakers contribute any dollar amount monthly/annually. 10% of each contribution will be contributed to the Rubicon Trail Endowment Fund with the remaining amount allocated to the expendable fund for yearly grant making.


This fund offers an opportunity to make a one donation of any size.