Ken Hower

[email protected]

Ken has been a Rubicon user since 1979. The Rubicon Trail has been a family affair since the late 1950's when his Dad built a 1953 Willys and put a V-8 in it. His Grandfather ran the Jeepers Jamboree in a 1969 Ford Bronco that got into 4Wheel Magazine on V Rock in Big Sluice. His Uncle Ernie and Cousin Jim Hower got the Rubicon in his blood in their 1944 Willys named High O'l Silver, and 1941 Ford MB, respectively. So it was only natural that the first vehicle that he purchased in 1982 was a 1947 Willys CJ-2A that he still owns today.

Ken started his path to RTF in 2004 by volunteering with the Rubicon Trail Patrol ran by Big Rich. In 2006 when Big Rich stepped aside to focus on WeRock, Ken and Scott Emmons co-directed Trail Patrol program from 2006 to 2011 and focused on the educational aspects. Trail Patrol eventually became the Mid-Trail staff program that users know today.

In 2011, Ken was elected to the Rubicon Trail Foundation board, 2017 he was elected Vice-President, and in 2021 he was elected President after the resignation of Chris Cowan. His primary interests are the political aspects of the trail and the Rubicon Trail Property that was purchased in 2010. He is a member of the Political Action, Property and IT Committee.

He has 2 children, Monica and Kenan who both grew up on the Rubicon. His day job is a Field Readiness Architect for Workday.
Trail Rigs: 1947 CJ-2A and 2017 Jeep Rubicon Recon

Ken was elected President: 2021 and Re-elected in 2023


Jeff Blewett

[email protected]

Jeff was born and raised in Lodi California, he started off-roading right after High School in his 1967 CJ5. He joined the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs and the Joaquin Jeepers in 1982. In 1989 bought a 1979 CJ7 after he rolled his CJ5 off V Rock on Cadillac Hill. He currently lives in Valley Springs and owns a 2004 Jeep Rubicon on 37” tires.

Over the years he has been very active in the California 4 Wheel Drive Association, holding many positions on their Board of Directors including North District VP and the California 4 Wheel Drive Association President in 1999-2000. He has also enjoyed being an event chairman for quite a few the California 4 Wheel Drive Association events over the past 30 years. He chaired Sierra Trek 4 times, Winter Fun festival 2 times and the Win-a-Jeep program for 2 more years.

He previously served on the Board of Directors for the Rubicon Trail Foundation, Cal4 Safety and Education Foundation, Friends of the High Lakes, the Post Wildfire OHV Recovery Alliance and as the Norther Natural Resource Consultant for Cal4 Wheel. All of these organizations are 501c3 groups dedicated to keeping public lands open to the public.

This is Jeff's second tour as Director on the Rubicon Trail Foundation.

Jeff was elected Vice-President January 2022


Sherry Hawk

[email protected]

Sherry has over 30 years experience in accounting and tax preparation. She served as Treasurer for the Madhatters 4x4 club for 4 years and has been a member of that club for 8 years. In 2019, she started the Gold Ridge Forest Fire Safe Council and has been Chairman since, bringing in Grant funds to masticate forest areas to protect her neighborhood. She also had a strong influence in bringing the Neighborhood Radio Watch (GMRS) for fire communication to the public in Pollock Pines.

Sherry, like all of us, has a strong passion for the Rubicon Trail and moved to Pollock Pines from Sonoma County to be closer to the trail, so she could volunteer more often for events and trail maintenance and venture out in her 99 TJ 4cyl manual “Precious” named after her Mom. Sherry has been running the trail since Valentine's 2016 with the Madhatters 4x4 club when told (due to no snow and a last minute run change) "Suck it up Princess, You're going"! The addiction began!

Sherry was elected Treasurer: 2022


Amy Wessels-Sagraves

[email protected]

Amy has been a OHV advocate for many years assisting Cal4, RTF and others in many ways.

She was elected Secretary in January 2023


Alan Johnson

[email protected]

Board Elected: 2021

Brett Joiner

[email protected]

Board Elected: 2024

Diane Hawks

[email protected]

Treasurer 2021-2022
Board Elected: 2020

Diane was born and raised in the Bay Area and has always had an interest in vehicles since her family owns an automotive repair shop in San Francisco. Diane used to build and show muscle cars in Northern California. Her 1969 El Camino won a trophy at the Oakland Roadster show and her 1968 SS Chevelle won the best burnout contests at the Western Street Machine Association or WSMA events. Her early off-roading experiences were with her 1973 F-250 and her 1993 Toyota pickup, where she would frequent Hollister Hills SVRA and Frank Raines OHV Park. She also enjoyed riding her Yamaha Banshee with friends at Pismo Dunes.

In 2004, Diane and Scott bought horse property in Somerset where they raise Arabian horses.

Diane was a volunteer with the El Dorado County Search and Rescue OHV Team for 11 years. She has also done events on the Rubicon Trail such as organized trail staff for the Hi-Lander’s Annual Poker Run, driven female Veterans for Wheelers for the Wounded, attended Rubicon Scramble, Jeep Jamboree, Cantina on the Con, driven for several OHMVR tours, and attended other various trips.

Diane has been the VP of the Hi-Lander’s 4wd Club for four years helping with conservation and maintenance work parties on the Barrett Lake Jeep Trail and Southfork Campground. She also attends meetings and trail runs with other 4wd clubs, and is the admin of three Facebook off-road groups building relationships within the off-road community.

Diane brings many years of off-roading experience and looks forward to being a part of the Rubicon Trail Foundation team.

Primary rigs: 2015 JKU Rubicon, 2003 TJ Rubicon, 1981 CJ8 Scrambler

Greg Castro

[email protected]

Board Elected: 2021

Greg's first-time off-roading after he lifted his Jeep was the Rubicon Trail. Once Arabias Overkill completed the lift, rims, tires, and skids, he went straight from the shop to Hollister Hills to check the articulation and get a feel for the rig. The next day he headed to the Rubicon Trail for the Cantina For The Con 2017 for its true maiden voyage. Greg fell in love with the Rubicon that weekend and upon return ordered his personalized plates: RBKNTRL.

While Greg is relatively new to wheeling, he's not new to Jeeps or fast cars. Greg's brother, Gary, has been into Jeeps for 20+ years starting with a CJ5, currently with a JLUR, and a TJ, LJR, CJ7, and a TJR in between. Gary's wheeled the Rubicon and other local trails over the years and was Greg's spotter for his maiden voyage.

Prior to off-roading, Greg spent ~15 years in the drag racing scene. He raced a 1988 Ford Mustang powered with a 434 cubic inch small block Chevy motor that ran a best of 8.0 @ 170+MPH in the quarter mile. Greg's last time down the racetrack was in 2010 back in Valdosta, Georgia. He spent the next few years building another race car and then decided to hang up his racing boots and decided to get into off-roading with his brother. He ordered his Jeep directly from the dealer, but there's not many stock parts left on it today.

Greg has two sons, Will and Tommy, who always wheel with him (as well as their puppy, Arlo) - including two trips for work parties on the RTF property. Greg was introduced to Ken and the RTF through Jack Tagart from Arabias Overkill.

Greg has worked in tech for most of his career - working at consumer-based businesses that are familiar to many including Yahoo! and Aol. Since then, he's worked in B2B focused companies and is currently the SVP, Sales & Business Development at an advertising company, Celtra.

JC Jenkins

[email protected]

Board Elected: 2016

JC is a long time supporter of the Rubicon Trail. After retirement as a Correctional Officer, JC began volunteering at the trailhead Kiosk greeting users and handing out trashbags and other supplies. This position was part of the Rubicon Trail Patrol program, but eventually became an official El Dorado County position.

In 2016, JC was elected to the Rubicon Trail Foundation board and immediately made an impact creating the event Off The Rocks. Off The Rocks is held in the fall at Dry Diggins Distillery in El Dorado Hills.  The event is off trail and gives users an opportunity to show off their rig and build friendships with other Rubicon users.

JC enjoys the trail in several rigs, his newest being a JL Rubicon.

John Arenz

[email protected]

Past President 2017-2019
Board Elected: 2007

John is married to a frequent Rubicon user, and spends about a hundred days a year on the trail. He lives in Pollock Pines, California. He is retired Fire Captain. His first time on the trail was in the late seventies and he has been on the trail every year since 1983. He started working for FOTR in 2005 and joined the board in 2007. His responsibilities include the Political Action Committee, the Bylaws Committee, and the Grants Committee as well as coordinating and teaching Ham radio classes. John is a past Vice President and President of RTF (2017-2019)

Affiliations: ROC, Jeepers Jamboree volunteer, Rubicon Trail Partnership
Primary rig: 1977 CJ7 on 40” tires

Jon Larson

[email protected]

Board Elected: 2021

Randy Burleson

[email protected]

Board Elected: 2021

Randy is a 2 time board member, Rock Award recipient and Rubicon Trail Foundation founding board member.

Rich Klein

[email protected]

Board Elected: 2024

Rich comes to the Rubicon Trail Foundation board with an impressive resume in the off-roading world.  Rich first came to the Rubicon in 1982 and in his words, he was hooked.  Rich is looking forward to giving back to the trail that has meant so much to him.

1998-1999 Color Country 4x4 club President (Cedar City, Utah)
1999-2000 worked as a volunteer for the American Rock Crawlers Association (Arca) as a judge coordinator
2001 became a rock crawling motorsports promoter - founded CalROCS held 1st event at Lake Amador
2002 or 2003 held “Carnage For The CON” at Donner Ski Resort, proceeds went to Del Albright and Friends of the Rubicon before RTF.
2004 Started Rubicon Trail Patrol
2001-2009 Active in trail work with FOTR and many clean-ups on the Rubicon. Also attended many of the county Rubicon planning meetings during this time. Volunteer driver during multi-agency field trips on the Rubicon same period.
2006- Handed off Trail Patrol to Ken Hower and Scott Emmons
2002-2005 owner/promoter of VORRA, Valley Off Road Racing Association, worked and fought with BLM and worked with Prairie City States parks as a promoter of races.
2005 Went through the nepa process with BLM to open Moon Rocks for competitive rock crawling.
2005 Changed the name of CalROCS to WERock Events (still active (24 years as an event promoter with over 300 events).
2005 Owner/promoter of WERock Events
2007 Assisted start KOH by sanctioning and running tech for Dave Cole.
Worked KOH as trail general on Chocolate Thunder working for KOH dealing with racers, spectator control and BLM officials.
2011-2019 started and ran Dirt Riot Endurance Racing as a feeder series for KOH, as a training ground for racers.
2016-present, working the Rebelle Rally as a course official and part of the competition review committee.
2017 Publisher of 4Low Magazine, an off road enthusiast print magazine.
2021 Created “Conversations with Big Rich” podcast, a history of off road by those that live the lifestyle podcast (currently 205 weekly episodes).
2023 appointed to the Board of Directors of the Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, club membership committee chairman and member of the marketing committee (still active board member).

Ron Cannon

[email protected]

Board Elected: 2020

Ron was born and raised in Placerville. He graduated from El Dorado High School in 1985. In 1991, married his first love “Tami” after dating for 5 years. He attended the police academy in 1995, served with the Placerville Police Department for 24 years, and retired in September 2020. Ron was also a volunteer firefighter for Diamond Springs/ El Dorado Fire for 10 years where he was a member of the volunteer firefighters association. He served as the President of the Union Mine Junior Rattlers youth football and cheer and served as the inaugural president for the merger of Hangtown and Timber Little League in 2009. He has always considered himself a public servant.
Ron became interested in off-roading relatively recently. His love for the Jeep developed after renting two of the JKU’s while in Hawaii on vacation in 2012. Upon return he found himself regularly having coffee with members of Jeepers Jamboree spending hours listening to jeeping stories (sorting through the BS), watching jeeping videos, and falling in love with the idea of owning a Jeep. In 2015 he purchased a used 2013 JKUR with the intent of building it for the 2016 Jeepers Jamboree. He built it with a basic lift, bead lock wheels, and all the steel he could find to protect it! The 2016 Jeepers Jamboree was "go big or go home" introduction to rock crawling that he and his wife both loved. Afterward he began volunteering at Jeepers Jamboree and he joined the Hangtown Crawlers. His newest goal is to Jeep the entire country, but the Rubicon Trail is his first love.
The Rubicon Trail Foundation became a source of information, so he began attending meetings, donating to Black Tie & Boots, volunteering at Cantina, and donating directly to RTF. Ron's past experience serving the community makes him very familiar with the demands of organizational service. Being recently retired, Ron can now dedicate time to serve the greater good of the Rubicon Trail. He believes in private property rights and year round access to public lands with reasonable limitations for responsible conservation. Service to that end is his honor.

Ron was appointed Vice President in 2021

Sal Sunzeri

[email protected]

Board Elected: 2021

Tim Owen

[email protected]

Board Elected: 2021


RTF Presidents

Del Albright - 2004-2008 (Founding)
Randy Burleson - 2008-2009
Doug Barr (Interim) - 2009
Scott Johnston - 2009-2013
Rusty Folena - 2013-2015
Sean Russell - 2015-2017
John Arenz - 2017-2019
Dave Thomas - 2019-2021
Chris Cowan - 2021

Past Board Members

Aaron Beckstead
Aaron Nunley
Bob Reed: Founding Member (Cal4)
Chris Bassett
Chris Cowan: Past President 2021
Cole Sweatt
Dan Mainwaring
Dan DeWolf
Dave Beam
Dave Gross
David Thomas: Past President 2019-2021

Del Albright: Founding President: 2004-2008
Dennis Mayer*: Founding Treasurer


Don Spuhler
Doug Barr: Founding Director, Interim President: 2009

Frank Funk
Jack Sweeney: Founding Member
Jason Warden
Jeff Nilluka*
Jeff Spellman: Founding Vice-President
Jen Lillund
Kevin Carey: Founding Director
Kevin Arnold
Laura Blake
Lori Warden


Mark Langford
Mark Smith*: Founding Director
Matt Farley
Matt Warden

Mike Gerondakis
Mike Overmeyer: Founding Director
Randy Burleson: Founding Secretary, Past President: 2008-2009
Rich Mainwaring: Founding Director
Ryan Mohondro
Ryan Wallace

Rusty Folena: Founding Director, Past President 2013-2015
Sean Russell: Past President 2015-2017
Scott Johnston: Founding Director, Past President 2009-2013
Ted Gaines: Non-Voting Placer County
Tom Allgaier
Troy McClintock
Tyler Hovelsrud
Vicki Sanders: Non-Voting El Dorado County