Dave Thomas

Dave was born and raised in Placerville, grew up with a love for the outdoors and a stepfather (Gary Bjork) that was active with the El Dorado Jeepherders and then in the Toys on the Rocks Off Road Club. Dave first ran the Rubicon Trail in 1980 and has not missed but a year or two since that he can remember. Active member in the Toys on the Rocks club and the Hangtown Crawlers also enjoys being a Jamboree Cook Crew volunteer. One of his other hobbies is pit crew for KOH and Baja teams. Dave and his wife Terri own and operate the Placerville Pizza Factory, His son and daughter are also trail users and love the Sierra Nevada's. Trail rig is a 1972 Land Cruiser FJ40 aka nightlite and 2001 Jeep TJ.


Ken Hower

Ken has been a Rubicon user since 1979. His father ran the Jeepers Jamboree in his 1953 Willys, his Grandfather ran the Jeepers Jamboree in a Willys and his 1969 Ford Bronco, his Uncle ran the trail in a 1944 Willys names High Ol Silver and his cousin ran the trail in a Bronco (The blue Submarine) and 1941 Willys. So it was only natural, that the first vehicle that he bought was a 1947 Willys CJ-2A that he still owns today. However, he is often seen on the trail in his RZR, as he represents the Green Sticker users on the trail. He began participating in saving the trail in 2004, by volunteering with the Rubicon Trail Patrol. He was then co-director of the Trail Patrol program from 2006 to 2011. In 2011, he was elected to the Rubicon Trail Foundation board. His primary interests are the political aspects of the trail and the Rubicon Trail Property that was purchased in 2010. Ken is on the Property, IT and Political Action Committees. In 2017, he was voted in Vice President of the Foundation. He has 2 children, Monica and Kenan who both grew up on the Rubicon. His day job is a Field Readiness Architect for Workday. Rigs: 1947 CJ-2A, RZR XP 1000


Jonathon Carlos


Christine Cowan

Chris is married to an avid dirt bike rider, and discovered the love of four wheeling with best friends. She lives in Somerset, CA. Her day job is a Practice Coordinator at Jackson Creek Dental. Her first time on the trail was 20 years ago, and has been on the trail every year since. Chris’ responsibilities in addition to serving as the Secretary include, Grants Committee, Co-Chair of Black Tie & Boots Dinner and Auction, and Jeepers’ Jamboree Wine Tasting. Primary Rig- 1952 Willy’s- CJ-3B on 37”


Cole Sweatt

Board Elected: 2015

A Bay Area native, Cole moved to the El Dorado Hills area in 2004. 2015 marked his 15th Jeep or Jeepers Jamboree and he has enjoyed countless trips to the trail with various organizational leaders, magazine publishers and photographers over the years. Having watched RTF come to life and the countless hours of work that have been put into the fight to keep the trail open, he felt he needed to give back. He is a Commercial Real Estate broker by trade with a degree in Planning and Development from USC. Jeeps? Well, he is on his third one. As the family grew so did the need for space. His current vehicle is a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon that he drives to and from the trail. He is also a licensed Ham user and a participant in the Adopt-A-Trail program for the Rubicon Trail.

Dan DeWolf

Board Elected: 2009

JC Jenkins

Board Elected: 2016

Jeff Blewett

Board Elected: 2014

Jeff was born and raised in Lodi California, he started off roading right after High School in his 1967 CJ5. He joined the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs and the Joaquin Jeepers in 1982. In 1989 bought a 1979 CJ7 after he rolled his CJ5 off V Rock on Cadillac Hill. He currently lives in Valley Springs and owns a 2004 Jeep Rubicon on 37” tires.

Over the years he has been very active in the California 4 Wheel Drive Association, holding many positions on their Board of Directors including North District VP and the California 4 Wheel Drive Association President in 1999-2000. He has also enjoyed being an event chairman for quite a few the California 4 Wheel Drive Association events over the past 30 years. He chaired Sierra Trek 4 times, Winter Fun festival 2 times and the Win-a-Jeep program for 2 more years.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Rubicon Trail Foundation, Cal4 Safety and Education Foundation, Friends of the High Lakes and the Post Wildfire OHV Recovery Alliance. All of these organizations are 501c3 groups dedicated to keeping public lands open to the public. Lastly, he currently is the Northern Natural Resource Consultant for the California 4 Wheel Drive Association. Jeff travels all over the State attending countless meetings with the USFS, BLM, California State Parks and many other government organizations representing the interests of the OHV community.

John Arenz

Board Elected: 2007

John is married to a frequent Rubicon user, and spends about a hundred days a year on the trail. He lives in Pollock Pines, California. He is retired Fire Captain. His first time on the trail was in the late seventies and he has been on the trail every year since 1983. He started working for FOTR in 2005 and joined the board in 2007. His responsibilities, in addition to serving as Vice President, include the Political Action Committee, the Bylaws Committee, and the Grants Committee as well as coordinating and teaching Ham radio classes.

Affiliations: ROC, Jeepers Jamboree volunteer, Rubicon Trail Partnership
Primary rig: 1977 CJ7 on 40” tires

Laura Blake

Board Elected: 2019

Since moving to El Dorado County in 1991, Laura has been a Rubicon user since her first trip on a motorcycle. Laura wants to pass onto the future generations the beautiful Rubicon Trail and all it has to offer. Laura accepted an appointment on the RTF board to help educate the younger users of the Trail as well. Keeping it natural, and open to all, is a priority. Laura is married with a daughter. She loves driving their 2006 LJ Rubicon Unlimited on 35’s. She is also involved with the Jeepers Jamboree Cook Crew since 2012, and a proud member of the Hangtown Crawlers.

Lori Warden

Board Elected: 2013

Lori is a life long resident of El Dorado County. She has been wheeling, mainly on the Rubicon Trail, since the early 1990's.   She is experienced in non profit fund development and was previously on the board of Placerville Elementary Education Foundation and served as President of the Board of CASA El Dorado for several years.  She was  recently installed as  Lt Governor of Kiwanis Cal Nev Ha Division 44 and will serve for one year, 2015-2016.  She worked for the Rubicon Trail Foundation in 2006, but decided that she could do more as a board member.

Matt Warden

Board Elected: 2015

Matt Warden comes to RTF with over a decade of non-profit experience specializing in finance, publicrelations, marketing and fund-raising. Matt was born and raised in El Dorado County and except for moving while in the military has lived here most of his life. He is an avid trail user and runs two Rubicon cook crews, the first being for Cantina on the Con and the second for the American Legion Jeepers Jamboree Cook Crew which is one of the American Legion Post’s larger fund raisers. He is the present Vice President for the Hangtown Crawlers and is fortunate enough to volunteer for Wheelers for the Wounded of CA a non-profit dedicated to helping Combat Veterans though Off-Road recreation.

Matt is married to a supporting wife Angela and has to wonderful children Bryce and Brianna who both have a love for the outdoors.

Matt believes in supporting the people and places that make our country great and is proud to be a director on this board.

Primary Rig: 1980 CJ-5 stretched 20” on 37’s

Mike Gerondakis

Board Elected: 2018

Rusty Folena

Past President 2013-2015
Board Elected: 2004

Rusty is married to a very patient and understanding Rubicon Trail user and has 1 son. His history dates back to his mom and Dad being on the Rubicon Trail since the late 1950’s, and also a El Dorado County Native, for the past 29 years he has been making wine in the Shenandoah Valley. He helped start Friends of the Rubicon in 2001 and has been involved with the Rubicon since then, becoming a founding member of The Rubicon Trail Foundation in 2004. His responsibilities, in addition to serving as President, include the property committee, Quarter Master, and helping out in any other way that can help.

Affiliations: Friends Of The Rubicon, Rubicon Trail Foundation, Independent Trail user

Primary Rig What’s left of a 1980 CJ-7 stretched out and on 38”s

Open Seat



Since the inception of the Rubicon Trail Foundation, there have been 2 Non-Voting positions that are assigned to El Dorado and Placer County in order to build a cohesive and positive relationship with trail stakeholders.

El Dorado County

Seat Open

Placer County

Seat Open


Past Board Members

Aaron Beckstead
Aaron Nunley
Bob Reed: Founding Member (Cal4)
Dan Mainwaring
Dave Beam
Dave Gross
Del Albright: Founding President: 2004-2007

Dennis Mayer: Founding Treasurer
Don Spuhler
Doug Barr: Founding Director, Interim President: 2009
Frank Funk
Jack Sweeney: Founding Member
Jason Warden
Jeff Nilluka
Jeff Spellman: Founding Vice-President

Jen Lillund
Kevin Carey: Founding Director
Kevin Arnold
Mark Langford
Mark Smith: Founding Director
Matt Farley
Mike Overmeyer: Founding Director
Randy Burleson: Founding Secretary, Past President: 2008-2009

Rich Mainwaring: Founding Director
Ryan Mohondro
Ryan Wallace
Sean Russell: Past President 2010-2012
Scott Johnston: Founding Director
Ted Gaines: Non-Voting Placer County
Tom Allgaier
Troy McClintock
Vicki Sanders: Non-Voting El Dorado County