Camping on the Rubicon Trail is a great way to enjoy the area. It is recommended for first time users
to plan to camp at least two days if you are planning to run the entire trail. Relax and enjoy this
beautiful place!

Some favorite designated camping areas near the El Dorado side of the trail:

Airport Flat
North Shore (loon Lake)
Loon Lake
Gerle Creek

On the Tahoe side, there is really only one good designated camping area near the trail: Kaspian

In the National Forests near the trail and alongside the trail, dispersed camping is allowed in most areas.
Dispersed camping means just that: you can camp about anywhere you like, but you cannot drive off
the roads or the Rubicon Trail! Virtually ALL of the camping on the trail itself is dispersed.

Here’s a list of likely spots to camp alongside the trail:

  • Wentworth Springs
  • Ellis Creek
  • Walker Hill
  • Winter Camp (near Little Sluice)
  • Little Sluice slab area
  • RTF Property
  • Buck Island lake
  • Rubicon Springs (Contact Rubicon Soda Springs for any fee information)
  • Top of Cadillac at Observation point area

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