Rubicon Trail Calendar

This calendar is here to help you plan your Rubicon Trail trip.  We try to put all the large group trips on the calendar, so that you can best plan your dream trip and avoid large groups.  There two special weekends to note in the calendar.  The last weekend in July and the first weekend in August, is the Jeepers Jamboree and the Jeep Jamboree trips. They are the ONLY group that has a County issued Parade Permit that allows them to close the trail many days and hours.  DO NOT plan your dream trip to the Rubicon those weekends!  The events are fantastic and highly recommended, but if you aren't a paid participant they can and will block you from the trail.  Checking the calendar is the best way to not get upset or disappointed.  A great tip for anyone coming from far away is come during the week and avoid weekend traffic.

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