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Event Date: March 14, 2020

Start Time: 4:30PM

Location: Jackson Rancheria and Casino


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The Rock Award is our most prestigious honor, awarded annually for lifetime contribution to the Rubicon Trail.

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American Legion Jamboree Cook Crew - Post 119

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Rock Award Hall of Fame

2019 Dana Holland

Dana will be honored on March 9, 2019 at the 11th Annual Black Tie & Boots.

2018 Rusty Folena

On March 10, 2018, The Rubicon Trail Foundation recognized Rusty Folena as the recipient of the 2018 Rock Award.

2017 John Pardi

2016 Christine and Marlin Czajkowski

Marlin and Christine are innovators and stewards of the Rubicon Trail. Marlin bought his famous red Toyota truck in 1983 and quickly realized several limitations. He invented the "Marfield" and the "Marlink" to strengthen the front end. But his true masterpiece was the Marlin Crawler. A Toyota could now go from 39 to 1, to 2000+ to 1 final drive ratio. His one true calling, was to make the Toyota truck a respectable rock crawler was realized with the founding of Marlin Crawler, Inc. Christine realized that after Marlin lost his favorite trail to closure in 2000, she had to do something to prevent this from happening to the Rubicon Trail. Christine set forth the idea of the Marlin Crawler Rubicon run and raffle. In 10 years, the raffle has donated nearly $90,000 to RTF. This donation was instrumental in giving the Rubicon Trail Foundation the financial ability to purchase 317 acres in 2010.

2015 Daphne Green

Daphne Greene is a passionate advocate of responsible OHV recreation on the Rubicon Trail. Under Governors Davis, Schwarzenegger and Brown, she was first appointed as a member of the OHMVR Commission - a position she later Chaired - and then as Deputy Director of the OHMVR Division. Soon after her appointment to the Commission in 2000, she joined other like-minded trail advocates and became an early member of the Rubicon Oversight Committee. Building partnerships with OHV user groups, members of the environmental community and colleagues from other agencies, the group worked to improved conditions along the trail. But it was as Deputy Director that Daphne had the greatest impact on the Rubicon Trail. She recognized the need to support the dedicated core of volunteers who worked along the trail. Under her administration, non-profit organizations such as RTF were allowed to receive grant funding for the first time. Daphne saw early on that erosion posed a significant threat to continued use of the trail, and initiated and funded the 2007 Trail Assessment by the California Geological Survey that became the blueprint for the County in their efforts to comply with the Cleanup and Abatement Order from the Water Board. Daphne has always quietly worked behind the scenes to support our right to drive on the Rubicon Trail. Even with all her significant contributions, she still credits the volunteers who give of their time as her heroes in the OHV community.

2014 This Dysfunctional Organization (TDO)

In honor of TDO, on the 10th anniversary of the Cantina For The Con, they were presented a special Rock Award and a plaque was bolted to the side of the FOTR Kiosk. It read: On Labor Day weekend 2004 (really 2005), This Dysfunctional Organization held the first "Cantina For The Con" with the sale of that first "Dysfunctional" taco, "Cantina For The Con" became an annual Labor Day event. To Date, "Cantina For The Con" has raised over a quarter of a million dollars for the benefit of the Rubicon Trail. Every driver and rider that crosses the Rubicon owes that experience, in part, to the Dysfunctional Organization. Without this event and the support of the trail users, dysfunctional and otherwise, the trail on which you now stand would not be open as we know it today.

2014 Steve Morris

Steve Morris is one of the fathers of the Rubicon Trail. Along with Mark Smith, Steve has been on the trail since the early days. Steve has spent so many years as a rock roller at the top of Cadillac Hill, the top is now known as Morris Rock. His son, Rick has written the definitive history of the Rubicon Trail. As a partial owner of the Rubicon Springs, Steve has spent most of his life helping keep the Rubicon Trail open for all.

2013 Jack Sweeney

Jack Sweeney has been the most ardent supporter from the El Dorado Board of Supervisor to keep the Rubicon Trail open. Going back to his Grandfather, who helped get the Rubicon Trail designated as a County Road over 125 years ago, Jack has supported the trail through it's darkest hours. Jack was there on the very first clean up day around Spider Lake after it was closed to camping in 2004. Jack successfully fought to get an easement through the forest from the US Forest Service, so that El Dorado County is soley responsible for the trail.

2012 Merlin Scott

A longtime friend of the trail, as an El Dorado Sheriff's Deputy, Community Service Officer, caretaker of Rubicon Springs and RTF Mid-Trail Staff, Merlin has become the face of education on the Rubicon Trail. Merlin is a fixture on the trail, educating users and handing out information. In 2003, when behavior on the trail was at a low, Merlin was instrumental in using his years of law enforcement knowledge to help train the Rubicon Trail Patrol to be non-confrontational and more educational.

2011 Mark Smith

Considered by many to be the grandfather of 4 wheeling, for his contribution to the sport. In a “salty” and vastly entertaining speech Mark reminded us that support of the foundation is important and constant vigilance is necessary to fight opposition groups and government agencies who seek to close the Rubicon Trail to motorized access. He suggested in his speech everyone consider remembering the Foundation in their estate planning.

2010 Del Albright

Del is truly the father of the Rubicon Trail Foundation and Friends Of The Rubicon. His efforts back in 2001 to prevent closure of the trail on the Placer County side, gave birth to the Friends Of The Rubicon. Del was also the first President of the Rubicon Trail Foundation. Del is now a land use advocate for the Blue Ribbon Coalition.

2009 Tom Celio

Director of El Dorado County Department of Transportation for his dedication and personal attention to improving the trail and meeting the requirements of the Water Board Cleanup and Abatement order. Without Tom and his crew, the trail would not be open today.