What is RTF?

The Rubicon Trail Foundation is a federally recognized, non-profit organization dedicated to the future health of the Rubicon Trail.

RTF acts as the support for Rubicon work projects and as liaison with local government organizations. This support can range from getting approval for projects from the appropriate agencies, to feeding the volunteers, to buying the supplies needed to maintain the trail.

We also fight the efforts of others to close or restrict use of the Rubicon Trail System.

Our Officers and Directors represent a wide variety of Rubicon Trail users and supporters. These include trail users, Rubicon area land owners, county representatives, manufactures and Rubicon event organizers.

RTF gets things done.

What is the Rubicon Trail?

The Rubicon Trail existed before Europeans ever stepped foot on the continent having been in use as an Indian trading route. Starting in the mid-1800's, explorers first started to make note of the unique terrain that has become known as the modern day Rubicon Trail.

The Rubicon Trail historically runs from Georgetown, CA to Tahoma, CA at Lake Tahoe. It started as an Indian trade route, became a stagecoach route and is currently one of the premier 4-wheel drive trails in the country. The first vehicle to drive the trail was 1908. Jeeps started regular use of the trail in the ‘50’s soon after WW II.


Maintenance Efforts

Prior to 2000, the trail was cleaned occasionally but large maintenance projects were rarely done. In 2000, the trail was threatened with possible closure on the Tahoe side. This threat spawned the current Friends of the Rubicon, which mobilized over 200 volunteers to keep the trail open.


Managing public funds for projects that best serve the Rubicon Trail future.


Working with the community to enhance Rubicon Trail education.


Never forgetting the rich history of the Rubicon Trail.