Reminder: This Weekend Rubicon Trail Closure May 15-17, 2020 by El Dorado County Parks Division

County Update from Vickie Sassman Sanders

I hate to do this but, I need to close the trail on May 15th-17th. We need to get the helicopter project done. With the snow and pandemic it has been a challenge. In previous years we have been able to do these project during the week but this has been a strange years as we all know.
Due to schedules we are forced to do this on the weekend.
The main focus is Cadillac Hill building gabions as we all know it is always needing work and is vital to the trail.
We will also be working at hairpin to rebuild the rock wall. There are other locations on both sides where we will be working.
There are so many parts and pieces to a project like this, but in 5 days we can do it all and the trail will be yours for the rest of the season.
Our goal has been to complete it before Memorial Day Weekend.
I have attached the notice to agencies so that you all have the same information.
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