It’s Summer – Be Aware

Today is the first official day of summer!  We have had some different weather this year and have finally started to get some warm and often HOT weather.  While it may be tempting to cool off in our local rivers and streams, The Rubicon Trail Foundation would like to remind everyone that water levels are high and often deceiving.  The water is cold and swift.

Be SAFE near water.

Spot- Spot the dangers- consider what is hidden under the water, check tides and currents, be careful around banks.

Advice- Always read the signs and wear life jackets.  Do not depend on floaties

Friends – Never swim alone

Emergency- Learn what to do in an emergency

Be prepared for changing water levels when camping and in the water.

Protect Yourself in the Sun:

  • Cover Up- wear tight woven clothing that blocks out light.
  • Use Sunscreen
  • Wear a hat
  • Wear UV protective sunglasses
  • Limit Exposure – Reminder UV rays are the most intense between 10am-4pm
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