Buckle Up

Every true 4WD enthusiast should know the basics of being responsible out on the trail.  The number 1 rule is you should ALWAYS BUCKLE UP.

This past weekend the Rubicon Trail Foundation sponsored Camp Rubicon, which is a special segment of Jamboree in Rubicon Springs just for kids 6 to 17 years of age! Jeep Jamboree Camp Rubicon’s mission is to motivate and encourage the next generation of off road and outdoor enthusiasts.  Hands on activities, nature hikes, survival skills, and informative discussions relating to responsible recreation rounds out their experience.

It is important that everyone learn outdoor safety ethics and stewardship practices.  Our hope is that they will pass this great information on to all users including the next generation of users.

This young Rubicon Trail Ambassador helped with Camp Rubicon and spread the word of Buckling Up on the trail.

Mission: To enhance the future health and use of the Rubicon trail, while ensuring responsible, motorized, year-round trail access.

Our vision is to be the trusted stewards of the Rubicon Trail, ensuring sustainability for the experience of the users.

By Chris Cowan Education 0 Comments