Press Release: Toilet Pumping on the Rubicon

The Rubicon Trail Foundation (RTF) was asked by Vickie Sanders, Parks Manager for El Dorado County if we would be interested in an as needed contract for pumping the restrooms on the Rubicon.

The RTF Board met to discuss the “as needed” contract and our consensus was, we don’t have the manpower this year to operate the Unimog on the trail. It was our understanding the county poo truck would be ready to go this season, so we focused our energies on other trail activities. 

As a possible solution, RTF has offered to train a county employee on the operation of the RTF Unimog.  We have also offered to lease the Unimog to the County for $1 for the season.

The RTF board understands the necessity of pumping and cleaning the toilets on the trail and we are open to any suggestions to make sure it gets done properly and in a timely manner. 

The Rubicon Trail Foundation is federally recognized, non-profit organization dedicated to the future health of the Rubicon Trail.  The Rubicon Trail Foundation acts as the support for Rubicon work projects, Friends of the Rubicon, and as a liaison with local government organizations. This support can range from getting approval for projects from the appropriate agencies, to feeding the volunteers, to buying the supplies needed to maintain the trail. We also fight the efforts of others to close or restrict use of the Rubicon Trail System.  All funds raised help to enhance the future health of the Rubicon Trail, while ensuring responsible motorized year-round access.

Our Officers and Directors represent a wide variety of Rubicon Trail users and supporters.  These include trail users, land owners, county representatives, manufacturers, and Rubicon event organizers.  For more information on getting involved or supporting the Rubicon Trail Foundation please call us at 888-678-2426 or visit our website at

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