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Please check the Rubicon Trail Events Calendar below to check for events on the trail. The Rubicon Trail is very busy throughout the season.  There are many events that occur that are held on virtually every weekend during the traditional wheeling season (May  through September).  Some of these events are informal, some formal and in some cases the events restrict access to the trail.  The 2 events that affect the trail the most are the Jeepers Jamboree on the last weekend in July, and the Jeep Jamboree on the first weekend in August.  These 2 events travel is restricted between 6am and 10PM.  The best advice if you really want to travel those weekends, join the event!  The Jeepers Jamboree is a wonderful supporter of the trail financially and your attendance does indirectly help through Jeepers Jamboree donations to the Rubicon Trail Foundation, and you have a great time as well.  If you are not attending the event however and you are coming from out of town, the best advice we can give is go during the week.   Generally Monday through Wednesday is unrestricted  and free of very much traffic.

Set up your own trip

Many folks, especially those with experience or frequent visitors are used to bringing their own gear and enjoying the trail experience with a small group. This is a great option.

Go with your club

There are many 4x4 club runs occurring on the trail at any given time during the summer season. Join a local club and enjoy the trail, they will be happy to help you get started.

OnX Off-Road Trail Waypoints

OnX Hunt provides an excellent off-road app, called OnX Off-Road.  Users can select an "offline" map, and load on to your phone before you hit the trail.  If you are new to the Rubicon Trail, we highly recommend this service.  We have included common locations on the trail, famous names of locations created by the locals over the years, along with an explanation of the origin.  However, the most important waypoints, are the El Dorado County toilets so you can always know how far to the next toilet! These waypoints are always being updated and improved, so check back from time to time for updates.   Download the Rubicon Trail Waypoints (Updated 5/26/2020)

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