RTF Property

In 2010, the Rubicon Trail Foundation purchased nearly 300 acres of previously private property.  The reason was two fold, one secure legal standing on the trail and while RTF specifically does not run a campground, to allow new dispersed camping opportunities.   Over the course of the last 9 years we've been working to secure access and infrastructure.   In 2016, RTF and RTP reached an agreement for a boundary line adjustment and this was completed in 2017.  That same year, we opened the property to the public for the first time for 6 weekends.   In 2018, we were able to open the property for almost every weekend between May and October.   In 2019, RTF announced the property would be open to the public 7 days a week from June through September.

Please refer to the calendar for any specific information.

Stay On Trail!

Once you leave the Rubicon Trail, please STAY ON THE TRAIL to FOTR Main Camp. There, you can camp anywhere in the main area. It's roughly 12 acres. A good rule of thumb, if the container is in sight or just through the trees, you're good. Expect either a caretaker, or mid-trail staff member (Mike or Glenn) to stop by and check-in.

Pack in/Pack Out

We are working to build infrastructure with restrooms, but this takes time and volunteers. Until we reach that point, the RTF property is a 100% pack in, pack location. Please do not leave white flowers. Keep the property beautiful for the next person.

No Cross Country Travel

We are working on a loop road, if possible. We also have campsites designed by various groups (They are blue icons on maps). Only wheeled travel around the FOTR main area or to your campsite if you are a group owner. If you are looking for a new location, contact Ken Hower first before leaving.