Trail Conditions-Winter/Spring 2022:

Loon: Winter conditions.  Be prepared to spend days on trail.  Check the weather before departure.

RTF Property: Open but winter conditions.  Travel unlikely without extremely capable rig.

(East Trail Exit)



Ice House Road Area Weather (West Side Entrance)


Kyburz, CA

CalTrans District 3 (Sacramento/Lake Tahoe)

Traffic Cameras


The Rubicon Trail travels through the El Dorado and
Tahoe National Forests, and is often under fire
restrictions, even if the trail and it's surroundings seem
wet. Users must be responsible for knowing whether
fire restrictions are in force.

Current Conditions:

El Dorado National Forest: No Restrictions
Tahoe National Forest: No Restrictions







The Rubicon Trail is open for travel 24/7 and 365 days a year and is not subject to El Dorado Forest road closures.  This is due to hard work between El Dorado County, Rubicon Trail Foundation, FOTR and all the users that volunteer to meet the criteria of the Eastment conditions.  Only under severe conditions does the trail ever close, and this is usually lift as quickly as possible.

The road across the two dams at Loon Lake are open to winter motorized recreation.

We at RTF fully support the enforcement of the driving off the trail and resource damage laws.



Winter run off is a great concern along the Rubicon. A motto we have heard is "Make dust not mud."

If you can put off your trip until the trail dries, please do so. 

This is the time of year that erosion damage can be done to the trail. 

Tread Lightly and Stay on Trail! If you can’t make the obstacle (water or granite) “Turn around, don’t go around!”

The bugs come out as the snow melt slows. Bring bug spray!


Only the most prepared and built rigs should attempt winter travel on the Rubicon. If a critical part breaks, then you could be in the snow for days.

The walk out could be 10-15 miles.

Let people know when you’re going and when you’ll be back.

The ham repeater is now year round but it is not a reason to go in unprepared.

You could be held responsible for the cost of your rescue.


As the snow melt dries the fire danger increases.

  Please check this site and the Forest Service site for updates.

  The trail is quite crowded on the weekends.

  Please show some patience when slow downs occur.



  This time of year storms can move in fast.

  Be prepared for all types of weather.

  Fire restrictions could still be in place.