The Rubicon Trail Foundation is dedicated to new camping opportunities on the property. The main location on the property is called FOTR Family Camp.  There you will find our storage containers and caretaker building.   Camping in this general area (See this map) is for family camping, with no loud music and noise after 10pm.

In order to create new camping opportunities without noise restrictions and create a partnership with the public, we have created Group Camping sites on the property.  The caretakers of these areas are every day trail users that have dedicated their energy and time to creating new areas to camp.   Each group campsite has been entrusted to these users to develop and care for as their own.   The groups that have signed up can reserve these spots 4 times per season.  When they are not reserved, anyone is free to enjoy their area.

The following clubs have selected and location and been approved.

  1. Rock Zombie Camp
  2. Marlin Crawler
  3. Seven Off-Road
  4. Rowdy Crawlers
  5. SacTown/NorCal Crawler Camp
  6. Johnston Camp
  7. Ruff Stuff Specialties
  8. Total Metal Innovations

The following groups have submitted an application but have not chosen a location:

  1. Placer County Crawlers
  2. CUTTS Crew
  3. Slo County Crawlers
  4. King Flower Pants
  5. Grim Reaper 4WD Club
  6. Friends of Fordyce
  7. Contra Costa Jeepers/TDO
  8. A-Town Crawlers
  9. MTA
  10. Tub Rubbers
  11. EDH Crawlers
  12. Drunk Fab
  13. The 4x4 Shop
  14. 4x4 In Motion
  15. Under Construction 4x4